Welcome & 73’s

If you landed here looking for my driving instructor site it’s moved here:
Mark Tuttle Driving Tuition

OK, so not much here yet. It’s a “work in progress” as they say, but here’s the idea. I’m an amateur radio enthusiast or radio ham as we are often called. The hobby is about as diverse as a hobby can get. People outside this world think we sit in darkened rooms talking to other people on the other side of the world in strange codes using the phonetic alphabet. Well, there is an element of truth to that but not so much.

The aspect of the hobby that am I most keen on is construction. Quite a few hams still enjoy making a lot of the equipment they use and I’m amongst them. The internet is a fabulous resource for us to not only find information but also exchange ideas.

So this is going to be my little corner of the ‘interweb’ where I intend to post ideas, circuits, code, projects etc on what I’ve worked on and am working on.

Like many hams I have about dozen projects on the go at any one time. Some big, some small and all at various stages of development. I have no doubt some of them will never get finished but I might even put posts on here about those too. The idea is that readers should be able to leave comments on my posts (if I can figure out how to do that) and I can learn from other constructors and tinkerers too.